Thursday, February 12, 2009


(rainbow umbrella via another random space)
Did you know that umbrella is also called parasol? The word umbrella derived from the Latin word umbra, which literally means shade or shadow. Therefore, at first it was made to give protection against the sun. Back in the early time, especially in Europe, people have been using umbrella not only for its function but also for fashion to religion ceremonies. As the history continues, from there on, umbrella slowly evolved into an everyday household item with many improvements have been made in the material and also the design.Nowadays you can find one as cheap as a few dollars or of higher quality and cost, from a big umbrella to a small umbrella in a multitude of colors from a green umbrella to a black umbrella, all of which offer you protection from the rain and if you choose your rain umbrella right, a hint of style. (source: and wikipedia)

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