Monday, February 16, 2009

Sharky, the tea infuser

Are you a tea drinker? I am. I came across this tea infuser called Sharky here. It's looks uniquely scary. It's functional of course considering the one who invented this infuser, Pablo Matteoda, has been able to won the 3rd prize at the Beyond Silver competition from Why is it called infuser? The designer says that:
"INFUSION means to extract certain properties from an soluble ingredient such as tea leaves , herbs or fruit by soaking in liquid (water) until it gets saturated. So we can say that a infuser is the in charged of make this happen. This is a ludic point of view about the color given off from the phenomenon, wich makes more interesting the waiting of the whole process."
I would like to use it but I don't think I will use it with red tea, but black tea and green tea will do just fine.

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