Friday, February 13, 2009

Semiramis Hotel..

The above picture is a picture of a new 52-room hotel in Athens called Semiramis which has the futuristic theme as its main decor theme. When you see the post I've made about the famous industrial designer Karim Rashid, you'll notice and will instantly notice that Karis Rashid is the one who was appointed to design the interior of this hotel. This porject is Karim Rashid’s first hotel project. He said that:
"Hotels today make you feel like you're living in the previous century. That's the last thing I want to do".
So he came up with this futuristic idea to decor the hotel. And below you can have a peek of the hotel's facilities.

The colourfoul design atmosphere and view of the unique organic shaped pool will boost your workout with positive energy.

Breakfast and all-day dining is offered indoors or in the open-air verandas of the hotel during the summer months.

As the hotel promised to its guests that "Visiting guests will have the chance to experience a 21st-century creation: from the curve in a desk to the light-box installation behind the beds, Semiramis combines art with bricks and mortar. Comfort and functionality rank high in the design brief and the hotel will offer the complete gamut of services." (images via been-seen)


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boya arsila said...

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Costao do Santinho brazil said...

I really like this beautiful image of semiramis hotel. Its given lots of services and luxury facility as well as look give peaceful effect to mind. Its too good.

Rcky said...

Really a semiramis hotel is looking too good and awesome. I wish to visit it and stay their to enjoy its luxury facilities.

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