Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the idea of loving life...

So, what's the main idea of loving life? Personally, I believe that the right answer is happiness. In fact, being happy all the time has always been my wish in life. I don't care how wealthy I'd be, how many cars I have, how big my house would be...I care only for my happiness and the happiness of those that I love and who love me. As long as I can be happy all the time, I'm sure that nothing can beats the feeling. And who can decide that you can be happy or not? Of course it's you. By the time you wake up every morning, you have your choice to be happy or to be not happy. I think it is important f you are able to spread happiness to the people surrounding you. I'm sure we all want to be one of those people who can always bring happiness to other, don't we? Always remember that you deserve to be happy. All you need to be happy is within you now. Don' forget that you always have to sprinkle lots of happiness to color your life=)


Happiness uplifts me
Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul
Happiness gives me the strength I need
Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day
Happiness takes my sadness away
Happiness fills my eyes with joy
Happiness makes me excited and thrilled
Happiness warms my heart and soul each day
Happiness gives me a sense of relief each day
Happiness welcomes me each morning when I get up
Happiness can be seen in my eyes
(by Aldo Kraas via poemhunter)

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