Monday, February 16, 2009


Reading these two quotes make me think about the life and what's in it. God has its own way on knowing where your life goes, but you are the one who are able to make change of the direction of your life,in a good way or bad way of course. Things come and go to our life and like people say that life is a roller coaster fills with its ups, downs, curves and straight paths. But no matter what, you can only follow the ride. If you think the roller coaster that you're riding is too fast or too slow or too frightening...would you jump? I would guess it that you wouldn't dare to jump. All you can do is just hang on to it, maybe saying a prayer or close your eyes or screaming out loud or anything else knowing that the ride of the roller coaster that soon will be over. And when it's done, you will think this way..."well, I've done that awful ride but here I am..still survive". That's the beauty of life, no matter what. If anything goes not according to your plan, you will always have the chance to start all over again.

(images via dailyreminders)


Genevieve said...

love the quotes, thanks for the inspirational words!

boya arsila said...

my pleasure=)