Friday, April 17, 2009

All-in-One Furniture Set

Check this out. All-in-One Modular Fold Out Living Room Furniture Set. I bumped into this on Now you don't need to worry if you have a small living space once you have this REALLY unique furniture set. One thing I haven't found out is the price of this furniture. But I'm sure it will not be cheap. It is said that the inventor still looking for an investor who would want to invent on producing this furniture set. Would you like to be one? =)
This set is called Mathroshka. Does the name ring any bell to you? Sure's name after the famous Russian dolls. I guess the name really suits the design of the furniture set, considering that it's like one piece of big furniture but when you dig deeper to it, you'll find various types of design for different types of room. The set includes bookshelves, a double bed, corner couch, dinner table, four stools, working space, drawers, a wardrobe and additional storage. Very clever!

I'm sure if I had this Matroshka, I will invite all those people I know. Just to let them see what I have in my house=)

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