Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool Mug

Check out these unique mugs from iwantoneofthose.com. I don't whether I should be amazed of these mugs or to laugh? Both I guess. I can imagine the Plug mug would be a very interesting invention for those people who are often lost their drink on their comon glass. Acording to me, each mug offers its won uniqueness, grab one of those mugs that really suits your need. As for me, I'd really like the whirpool mug..my coffee will love it I guess=)

Whirpool Mug

This is a cheap, and let's face it a downright silly thing. That said, everyone keeps nicking it from our display shelf in the office. They're either using it 'cos they're too bone idle to stir their milkshake, or they just sit staring at the whirlpool effect for hours. It's meant to be for kids, but perhaps we over-estimated the maturity of everyone in the office!

There are few things more annoying than seeing your favourite mug wrapped up in the warm embrace of another person, which is why this idea is such a brilliant one. Never fear mug misuse again with this revolution in mug security - a small but rather vital hole in the side of this coffee cup renders the mug useless without its plug, which, with its handy key ring attachment, remains with you until your next tea break. Sheer Genius. Mind you don't lose the plug though, otherwise you may find that you're the mug.

Chalk Mug

Sick of Post-Its? Well, the makers of this ingenious coffee mug decided to glaze it with a chalk board surface allowing for easy-wipe messaging. The mugs are available with four colour tops - which vary amongst yellow, blue, red or green. They also come with 3 sticks of chalk, so no need to ask your little niece to rip some off from school while the teacher's back is turned. Great for morning love notes to your sweetie, reminding your assistant how you take your morning coffee or for leaving that dreaded message to your boss... "I need a raise!"

Graffitea Mug
You can't move 6 feet in the city without finding a wall completely covered in some wannabe urban artist's tag. Some of them are quite amazing to look at but, disappointingly, a lot of them these days just seem to be scribbled along with no regard to form or composition . . . or maybe we're missing the point. There's nothing we'd like more than to get the chance to have a go ourselves, but knowing our luck as soon as the spray can came out of the suit jacket we'd be surrounded by Police faster than you could say Banksy.

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