Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jamie Oliver

I love to cook that's why I love Jamie Oliver.."The naked chef". I like seeing him cooking, the reason is because of the way he is able to make the best use of his hand. He does not need this spoon and that spoon, just toss all ingredients in the pan..mix it with his own unique way by shaking the pan. And what I like more about him is that he always use the best and freshest vegetables, fish, met, etc. He even has his own herb plants in the kitchen so if he needs anything he just take it from the plant.

According to, this budget-conscious celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been hired to cook for G20 leaders in London. Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, is cooking a simple meal of Welsh lamb, asparagus and flat bread for world leaders at the G20 summit dinner this week at Downing Street.

"It's always a huge honor to cook at No.10 (Downing St.), but to be invited to cook for such an important group of people who are trying to solve some of the world's major problems, well that really is a privilege," Oliver said. "I'm hoping that the menu I'm working on will show that British food and produce is some of the best in the world but also show that we have pioneered a high quality apprentice scheme at Fifteen." Fifteen London is owned by a charity that uses the restaurant's profits for an apprentice program. Young people who have been homeless or in trouble with the law are recruited to work in the program and get a second chance at life.

Oliver is known for his healthy, low-budget approach to cooking with local ingredients. In addition to his restaurants, Oliver has published cookbooks and hosted TV cooking shows, including "The Naked Chef," which was about hearty, simple food.

Above are the pictures of Jamie preparing the dish for those important people and having a small talk with PM Gordon Brown . For sure the dishes will taste as perfect as they appear. Way to go Jamie...
(images from flickr)

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