Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The word "intuition" suddenly crossed my mind. What is an intuition? I thought about it for a while and come up with the idea that intuition is some kind of a sense that each of us has. I also related intuition with our mind, how our mind respond to those ideas surrounding us. Am I giving the right explanation about what intuition is? I am not really sure. What do think about the definition of intuition? I believe each one of us has different explanation on what it really is. but what I'm sure about intuition is that it is connected with our mind. Of course it is, I personally think that our mind is the center of everything that we do, whether it is mentally or physically. But this thought crossed my mind again, how are you going to differentiate between your thought and your intuition? Is it some kind of a sixth sense or just a special thought and feelings? Okay, now I'm confuse. So, I found this article that gives me a clue on what an intuition is and how to recognize and discover it. Here's a good quote from the article:

"Some things that you previously assumed were thoughts may have been intuitions. Some intuitions may just have been thoughts. If you are overly analytical, as opposed to simply observant, you may tighten up and block your intuition as well as your sense of what you experienced. Relax, and let the indicators below help you notice if a perception is intuitive."

Ways to recognize intuition:

  • Resonates. Intuitive guidance has a ring of truth to it, a brightness, a 'ping', an 'ah-ha' sense. It may even just feel 'right'. You may even feel a wave of calm or high energy in your body. Even a difficult intuition feels clear. It may be a hard message, but it can still create a sense of peace and truth.
  • Surprises. It can be surprising. It may be something you've never thought of before or wouldn't think of. Intuition may not be a surprise, but if it is a surprise and something you wouldn't of considered, you know it is intuitive.
  • Nuggets. It is a nugget or nuggets of insight, not a full linear story. As you develop your intuition, you learn to organize and understand the story.
  • Non-rational. Not irrational or illogical, but non-rational. The rational reason may not yet make sense or may be unknown at the time. You may recognize things as an intuition after-the-fact, because at the time it didn't seem to make sense so you didn't bother with it.
  • Other location. You may sense intuition in another 'place' in your mind or body. You may sense it in your belly or on the right side outside your head or in another place, rather than in your head. You may experience it in a dream.
  • Downloads. Intuitions have more of an 'arrival' and 'show up' way about it, and it also seems to fade away. It is 'allowed' and 'received.' It is not actively created. Ask a question, then you stop and rest and allow what comes to flow freely.
  • Keep in mind that this is not the battle of intuition vs thoughts. You want to use both effectively to make decisions in the highest interest of your true essence and nature. You most certainly have wise experiences and thoughts you can use to make decisions. In fact, when your thoughts are wise, your intuition will validate with the same insight or not kick in at all because it isn't needed. The reason to distinguish the difference, is that our thoughts can also represent limiting or false beliefs, or wishful thinking. So value both and look to discern what is an intuition.

(source from - images via justbesplendid.tumblr)


Anonymous said...

Hmm I like to think I have good intuition at least when it comes to certain things. This kind of goes with your recent blog about signs too.

boya arsila said...

yes i guess the two things are really connected. You can also see and read the signs by using your what I have to do is to practice my intuition...

Anonymous said...

I often link my instincts to intuition. I kind of feel they are one in the same with me, unfortunately. Because a part of my brain is hyperactive (hypothalamus, that fight or flight reaction), I can't always rely on my intuition as being correct. I sometimes feel that I'm in great danger when there is actually no danger at all. But I'm glad I read this because it makes me want to find a way to hone in a little better on my intuition, there has to be some kind of exercise I can do to help it. The doctors only suggest mind-numbing meds...not into that anymore.

boya arsila said...

That will be so great if you can use your intuition in the right sense..not too much (we might be a paranoid person) and not too little (we might not see things celarly). Just in the right balance, so that we can combine it with our logical thinking=) I'm sure all of us can do it..