Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashions That Should Die

This article was written by Vanessa Rush, an Editor-in-Chief of Glee Magazine. These five fashion items are said to be outdated. She suggest that these items should be kept lock inside the closet. Are you a fashion follower or are you one of those who like to stand out on the crowds? It's your choice. Whatever it is, just ear what you like, if you're confidence enough. Be who you are. There's no written rule about what you can or cannot wear. As long as you are dress appropriately and accordingly, you'll be fine. As for Me, I will still wear a scarf anytime. I don't really care if people think it's summer or whatever. I like scarf. That's me and no one can say no to your style.

There are a few fashion trends out there that I just can't embrace or endorse.
Granted, a woman whose wardrobe color variety is pretty much limited to charcoal, chocolate, black and khaki (See how pretty I make the boringness sound?) could use a fun, trendy punch. I am a stickler for the "seasonal" rules -- Spring is here, so break out those white shoes if you must, but be sure to put them away on Labor Day. I am from the South, after all. And my sweats are divided into "fancy" and "probably shouldn't leave the house." So maybe I'm not a fashion maven.
But...I think some trends that have trickled down from the stars who love them so need to be trashed. Here's my list of trends that I wish I never had to look at again. See if my list captures the ones you hate. If not, add your own in the comments section!

1. Ugg boots

Yes, everyone hates on these, and for good reason. Unless you live in a frigid climate, they aren't necessary. Especially when paired with a sundress. Feet dressed for winter, body dressed for summer. This look SO doesn't work. Even Pamela Anderson, whose fashion sense is about as astute as her taste in men, tossed her Uggs when she realized they were made from sheep skin.

2. Indoor scarves

Again, neck dressed for winter, body dressed for summer. It's an accessory; I get that. But it's WOOL. Wear it outside, then take it off when you get inside. Still cold? Wear a turtleneck. Scarves are outerwear -- keep it outside.

3. Gladiator sandals

Not. Flattering. It might've been What Not To Wear that taught me to wear a shoe that creates the illusion of long legs instead of chopping them off with clunky shoes like Uggs -- good advice. These shoes creep up legs; most have thick straps; and they look awfully uncomfortable. I guess if they need extras for the sequel to 300 or if you're pairing them with a toga, then gladiators are cool...

4. Colored jeans

Yes, I had a pair of these. Twenty years ago! This is probably my least favorite 80s fashion that's making a comeback. The word "cheesy" about sums it up. The technicolors that some of the stars are wearing -- Ashlee Simpson wears turquoise ones, Rachel Bilson likes lavender -- are going to highlight any lump or bump in your leg, hip or butt that dark denim otherwise would conceal. I'd rather keep the attention off those areas, so I'm sticking with neutrals.

5. Guyliner

Makeup works for some men. And those are the ones with whom I go shopping and let cut my hair. But pop-punk/emo/whatever-the-kids-are-calling-it bands have popularized makeup for dudes who want to emphasize their feelings. You have NO idea what they're going through -- just look at that sensitivity! Blame Jack Sparrow, too. But like "mandals" (sandals) and "manbags" (handbags -- or European carryalls, if you're Jerry Seinfeld), makeup for men is becoming mainstream. But...guys, if you're going to try this, then get your own. Sharing makeup is nasty, and people are going to ask questions if you and your male BFF get the same infection.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I am keeping my Ugg boots I love them!

Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing. A girl from a blog I read almost regularly said to put the link to my favorite blog in a comment for her to check out. I put yours. :)

boya arsila said...
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Meandering Mel said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that hates Ugg boots, colored jeans and gladiator sandals.

Do you like Chacos?

(Sorry if this is random. I landed on your blog because of Welcome To My World's post on Anna's blog at )

Do you also hate Crocs?

boya arsila said...

I guess we're the same..I still wear my scarves while you are still keeping your ugg boots. Personal style I believe will never be outdated=) Don't you think so?

And by the way..that's a very nice of you mentioning my blog..what's her blog? maybe I can check it out also. You're so lovely...

boya arsila said...

hey there..thank you for coming into my blog..I like Chacos, I don't have it though=p But I guess I prefer wearing Chacos than Crocs hahaha...I don't know why but everytime I see Crocs, it's like those shoes are only intended for kids and older people..not for us=p Don't U think so..?

I've seen your blog..did you really make those earrings? So nice=)