Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspirational Blog

This morning I woke up a little bit late. I don't know what happened to my alarm clock but suddenly it didn't manage to wake me up this morning. It turned off and I have no idea why, I guess it's because of the low battery. Anyway, so I start my usual morning. had a short morning exercise, still had a chance to cook eggs for breakfast while helping my mom on the kitchen. After all the routine tasks have been done, there I was sitting on my office desk with a cup of hot coffee of course. And as usual, I turn on my laptop, checking e-mail, looking up my blog and found a great posting on Mountain Mama. Her name is Rain, a sweet lady who mentioning me on her current posting. The posting is about Inspirational Blogger Award. An inspirational blogger award given to one blogger to another. Rain included me as one of her 5 inspirational bloggers. I feel so happy to see it. Thank you Rain. You've made my day beautiful. Here's what Rain has to say about me:

B-Splendid, by Boya Arsila.
"This blog is a joy to read. Boya Arsila writes very positive and life-affirming posts; and she always seems to find something unusual and neat to write about too!"

However, The award doesn't stop there. Here's what it says:
"Now the challenging task of awarding it to five more bloggers who will hopefully do the same"
Here's my list. I'm up to only 4 blog, the other blogs I read was only those blog that I see once a while. However, these are my top 4...maybe I can update the last blog later on.
I love the way she can view life through the nature around us. She always inspire me to appreciate the beauty of the nature. Her thoughts are often beyond those thoughts that I have never think about before. She gives me ideas from different perspective.
Her blog is abouther daily life and what's going on in the world currently. I am totally agree with what Rain has said about Michelle. She's able to inspire me to see the world with a young heart. Always cheerful.

Her name is Jennifer Ramos. This is the first blog I looked up to and inspire me to make my own blog. She made her own card and sell it on Etsy shop. He blog is full about this and that on decor and lifestyle.

Summer Allen-Gibson is the owner of this blog. She's bakes too. Her blog is full of many great and inspirational quotes and pictures. She's able to make everyday life becomes wonderful.


Anonymous said...

:D Thank you so much. I feel so loved today. I got three awards. Wow. I actually gave you one too. if you haven't seen it yet it is in my post "Merci Beaucoup." You even inspired two of the other ones also one that I see you find very inspiring as well.

boya arsila said...

That's the beauty of inspiraiton I believe. You can always pass it on to other people...Thank you

- xoxo -

Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey! That was a nice thing to say. Geez, I'm feeling so nice today too!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

So nice of you thank you so much! : )))

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

boya arsila said...

Glad I can spread the happiness=)