Monday, April 13, 2009

State of Being

The term "State of Being" suddenly came out from my mind. I have been hearing about it a lot of times but never actually get the main point about what it really is. As far as I know, state of being is you, who are becoming yourself. You, as the living soul within you. But that's just my thoughts. So, I searched for one or two articles about what it really is. And I found this writing about "state of being". I try not to dig deeper into the meaning because it will touch more into the psychological and philosophical thinking. Just want to give you several ideas about the term and I also put a posting about the tips on how to really find your natural state of being. Enjoy reading=)

What is the State of Being?

The State of Being is not a state of ‘having been’ or ‘will become.’ Atman, the Self, the Soul, is not a ‘has been’ or ‘want-a-be’. Your Real Self is not what you think you were in the past, or want to be in the future—nor is it what you think you are now. You are what you ARE, and what is that? That is the pure state of ‘is-ness’, the pure State of Being. We imagine ourselves to be something we are not, but we are always who we really are, and not who we have imagined ourselves to be. The thinking mind is not the Self.

What is the Thinking Mind?

The thinking mind means ‘the mind that is conscious’, in other words, the mind that is infused with consciousness. To understand what this means, let us start from the ground up:

  • How is the body linked with consciousness? The body is linked with consciousness by the mind. The body cannot live without the mind.
  • How is the mind linked with consciousness? The link between consciousness and mind is the intellect.
  • How is the intellect linked with consciousness? The link between consciousness and the intellect is the self-consciousness, or EGO.
  • How is the ego linked with consciousness? The link between Consciousness and Ego (self-consciousness), which literally means the state of not-knowing, or Ignorance.

How to Find your Natural State of Being

Are you aware of whom you really are? Finding your natural state of being within yourself will open up your life into new paths of finding the life you are looking for. Your natural state of being is your true self.

Step 1 - You are Eternal:
As you know your physical body doesn't live forever. It is a temporary shell that falls away when it is done here. Your Core Being within you is eternal and this part of you is what will live forever. When you live from your natural state of being within, instead of living from the physical ego state, it will help you to achieve what you want in this physical life. Your Core within you knows why you came to this physical Earth and is connected to the Universe at all times. The 'you' within you observes how you live. Without your natural state of being you would not be able to keep your physical body functioning.

Step 2 - You are Here to Experience and Create:
Let's say a friend of yours took a vacation to Italy and brought back pictures to show you. How fun it is to look at the pictures and hear about the wonderful place he had been but it isn't the same as actually going there. By experiencing Italy you gain knowledge, feelings, and thoughts you could not have had with just a picture. This is why you came to this physical plane. You wanted to experience and learn through a physical vessel. You came to create, experience, and learn just like many others.

Step 3 - Sitting Quietly Each day to Connect:
Connecting to your natural state of being takes sitting quietly and listening or writing down thoughts that come to mind. In the beginning you will hear your logical mind telling you any and every thing but just ask the logical mind to simmer down. When you are able to tame the logical you will begin to hear or feel thoughts that will help and guide you. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately. Just by sitting still and focusing on your breathing or on 'nothing' connects you to yourself within and to the Universe. Even if you never hear a sound you will find that you will be much clearer in your decisions and you will feel more guided in what you do.

Step 4 - Are you Afraid?
Some people are afraid to connect to the Core Being within but think about it: You are really connecting to your true self and the Universe. This is where you came from and this is who you really are, a safe and secure being that is experiencing and observing through a temporary vessel. You have the power to change your life. It only takes you. Throw away the fear of what others think and be who you really are and let your light shine.

Step5 - Feelings of Negativity:
If you have any feelings or thoughts of negative when you are sitting quietly know that they are from the logical mind. Your natural state of being is always loving and supportive of what you do. Shift your focus from the negative thoughts and get back into the focus of breathing and connecting to the real you. We're human. Negative emotions help us to find what it is that we don't want in our lives. We need the contrast of the negative to help us direct to what we really want through the Law of Attraction. Be true to your own self about who you really are within.

I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.
Confucius (c. 551 - c. 479 BC)

(source from and - images via justbesplendid.tumblr)

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