Monday, April 13, 2009

Magazine coaster project

Time for letting your creativity come out. Try this DIY project. Use those old magezine at home to make a creative base for your mug. The one who created this called this craft: a magazine coaster.

The woven magazine coaster is something easy to make. It makes a great gift too. Many friends have asked how it is made. We have taken time to compile some photographed steps. This will help some of you who wants to experiment...

Take a piece of magazine spread and measure it by a quarter.

Fold the quarter into half.

And from the half, a third.

Fold it into half again to hide the edges of the magazine paper. This will help to reinforce the paper and prevent it from tearing.

Fold the strip into half.

Lock the first 2 strips together.

This provides a solid base/start to your weaving. It is locked and will not come apart.

This is the following steps. You should not do the locking anymore. It should be everything in the "V" of the strip or out of the strip, alternately. A regular coaster needs about 8 x 8 strips. You will have to put them tight to make a perfect square. If not, it will be loose and more of a rectangle. We will post more tips and tricks at week. Meanwhile, have fun weaving and enjoy those icy cold drinks. Magazine coaster are really good at absorbing water.

(source from projectfidgetyfingers)

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