Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Table Decor.. shows us some tips for decorating table top. It's going to be a long weekend here in my country. Tomorrow I'm going to have an election day. And after that there's going to be an Easter holiday. I might probably spend time with family and planning to have a get together dinner or lunch. I was looking for inspirations to decor the dining table. These tips are good when you're about to make or decor your dining table in a simple but outstanding. Below are the tips.

  • Choose your colors wisely.
  • Use simple linens with clean lines.
  • Pick bright blooms.
  • Avoid large arrangements. They can impede your ability to see people across the table.
  • Use candles to add height. When you have flat plates and low bowls, you need something to move your eye upward.

Forget About Rules..."There are not a lot of rules with creating tablescapes, if you like it, use it. The fewer rules, the better, because then you can really get creative."

  • Keep it simple. Fresh spring flowers in a low vase or dish create a great centerpiece for spring, when colors begin to peak.
  • Go with a theme. Easter baskets can be a good focal point for your table too, since they're easy to see through.
  • Be whimsical. Try placing a rabbit or other Easter token in a low bowl for a playful touch.

  • Improvise. While holiday meals tend to be fancy, don’t worry about buying the latest settings or silverware.
  • Consider color. Green and red are essential for a traditional Christmas table setting.
  • Highlight with white. White works as a natural accent. Plus, it just makes food look good
  • Use fresh greenery. Garlands enliven a table with texture and color. You can usually find something pretty in your garden, and they make a great conversation starter. Look to Your Garden. Rich autumnal hues accentuate the season's warmth, while simple styling reflects a relaxed gathering. Match your colors to your season, and make do with what you have.

  • Use seasonal cuttings. Snip grape leaves or other greenery for the center of the table.
  • Strive for simplicity. Place a single, hand-picked flower in a drinking glass?a quick and easy way to bring a splash of color to each place setting. Show Off Your Table.
  • Layer. If you need more coverage than runners can offer, consider a tablecloth with a runner over it. Layering adds dimension.

  • Focus on Food. Buffets showcase a wide assortment of food, so tables need little adornment. Forget about linens and centerpieces?let the food be your focal point.
  • Move chairs. Pulling them out of the way will reduce traffic jams around the buffet.
  • Place silverware at the end of the line. Wrap utensils in linens for ease and elegance. That way, guests won't have to juggle utensils as they're filling their plates.


Anonymous said...

Okay now I want to plan a get together for my friends when I get back. Hmm maybe I'll have one as a welcome back for myself. Yea I think I'll do that. But it will be more of a "I'm glad to be back" kinda thing.

boya arsila said...'s your "I'm glad to be back" gathering party?=)