Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A colorful world...

Oh My God! This would be heaven for me. Cupcakes!!! For those of you who didn't know, I love cupcake. Love it in a way that I can just starring at cupcakes for hours. Actually, I don't really like to eat it. I prefer muffins than cupcakes. But because cupcakes are so cute with all the icing decorations, I can't help but take it. And here are the cupcakes from "Cakeadoodledo". It's a place for a wonderful world of cupcakes.
Here's what they say about their cupcakes:
At Cakeadoodledo we firmly believe that cupcakes are the answer to a lot of problems. Feeling glum? A little bit peckish? Need a treat, but just a little one? Want something that looks absolutely gorgeous and tastes as good as it looks? All hail the healing powers of the cupcake. There’s a cupcake for every occasion.
Agree on the statement above? I do=) I can always smile when seeing a colorful and full decorated cupcakes. Enjoy having cupcakes...

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