Thursday, July 9, 2009


How much do you love the color pink? I like it but I don't love pink. I wear pink clothes but mostly I wear pink when I can borrow my sister's clothes. She love pink very much, her room, her clothes, er bed, her accessories are all pink. Sometimes I feel like she has a partial color blind since she always see pink colour=p Talking about pink, here is a cute pink apartment owns by Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer best known for her feminine style. She's not young anymore but she always look young for me. She is one unique woman. Look at her style. Looks like she's not afraid to be different and to stand out among the crowd. I love this kind of people, who are not afraid to express themselves. Check our her official website here where you can see the design of her dresses, apparel, intimates, handbags & shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Now, whenever I see Betsey Johnson's apartment, I always think of my sister. She loooooves PINK. And for sure she will love this apartment.

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Anonymous said...

Now I like the color pink but I think that apartment is way too much. I would get sick of it after a while for sure.

boya arsila said...

I know...I guess too much PinK won't do us good haha