Tuesday, July 7, 2009

White dresses

I was browsing on theinsider.com and came across this White Dressed Celebrities. I love the color white. And I have many white color clothes. I will attend one of my cousins' matrimonial ceremony this Saturday and when I was in the shopping mall last weekend, I was thinking about wearing something white but then when I think about it over and over, I decided not to wear white dress to the event. The reason is because in our culture, usually the bride-to-be will wear something white, especially when it's a matrimonial event.
But this morning I found these amazing white dresses but I have to keep my promise, not to wear white. Let the bride-to-be become the center of attention. It's gonna be her big day=) Here are some of the celebrities who wear white dress. I'm gonna choose which one is my style and which one is not....
J.Lo in white...so simple but chic, I will definitely wear this..Absolutely

Cameron...a really nice little white dress. Suits my style.

The sexy Megan Fox in white. 50-50 chance that I'm gonna wear this kind of white dress..

Vanessa Hudgens..First thing I notice is the shoes, really nice shoes. I will wear this dress but I think I'm gonna make an up-do hairstyle rather than her style.

The oh-so famous Paris Hilton. I think the style is like a Greek Goddess style. The dress is pretty but don't you think it's a bit too long? Look how she steps on the dress..

Lauren Conrad from the Hills..She always have something nice to wear. I really like her style. And this dress, I will surely wear it. In fact, this is what I have in mind when buying my next dress=)

Kim Kardashians' dress looks hmmm okay but I don't think I'm going to wear this. It's as if the dress has wings, but the red lips look very good for the black and white style.

Fergie's dress is really nice but if I will wear this dress I think I'm going to change the shoes. I will wear a simple high heels, not like the one she's wearing.

Taylor Swify looks really pretty in here. The dress, the hair and the perfect and simple jewelry. Well done Taylor..

The super model Gisele B√ľndchen. Is it her body makes the dress look good or is it the dress that makes her body looks so slim? I think it's both way. And I believe that this is the white dress that every woman must have. And wow...look at the high heels, nice nice nice..