Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's your tune?

Hi everyone? How are you? It's been about three days since the last time I post something on my blog. The weekend and the opening of this new week have been very busy. Not irritating busy but 'fun' busy=) Hope you had lots of fun on your weekend too. So here I am back in my blog posting something about a tune in our life. I guess those notes that we hear are not only for music to our ears but those can also be applied in how we live our life. Check this out...What's you tune for your soundtrack of your life?

Tunes for your Own Music of Life

Do - Do what you think is best and right for you.
Re - Reevaluate yourself as often as possible vs. your goals.
Mi - Mistreating your soul is a sin.
Fa - Faith with honest intentions.
Sol - Solitude for reflection, inner searching or growth or enjoyment.
La - Laziness is a barrier to achieve more from life.
Ti - Tidy up your path for success and happiness.
Do - Do it now while you still have time to compose your own Music of Life.

(source by Mesza from M-Altuism)

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