Monday, July 13, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasure is something that can make your life or you yourself fell better. There's always nothing wrong about being happy. People have chocolate or shoes or books as their guilty pleasures, it won't be a bad choice to have happiness as your guilty pleasures. But, as you can see, guilty pleasures are those things that you can't have too much. For example, if your guilty pleasure is those designer shoes or bags, once you've fulfill your pleasure, there will be some sort of a guilty feeling when you've bought the things. One obvious guilty feeling is when you realized that you shouldn't spend that much on something that will not last forever. Therefore, it will be best if you don't view happiness as one of your guilty pleasures, instead it's your way of life...being a happy person inside and outside. Here's an article about those who have happiness as guilty pleasure in which they sometimes feeling guilty about being happy...

Guilty Pleasures - Feeling Guilty about Being Happy

Happiness is an experience we all long for and deserve in our lives. We may wish for the happiness that comes with a much-needed vacation or an exciting new love affair, yet when the actual experience of happiness emerges, we may be too overcome with guilt to enjoy it. If guilt is interfering with your ability to feel joy, you may find relief in looking at the beliefs you hold about yourself and what it means for you to be happy.

Guilt about feeling happy can arise for different reasons. Deep down you may believe that you don’t deserve to be happy because you hurt someone in the past, had more than others growing up, or maybe you received a mean comment from someone you admired. Perhaps it once seemed that painful experiences always followed happy ones; now whenever you begin to feel happy, you find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop. Happiness may even just feel uncomfortable because you’ve gotten so used to feeling down. The truth is that when you feel too guilty to let yourself enjoy positive emotions, you are denying a part of yourself that has a right to exist. By limiting your life experience to just the negative feelings, you are cutting yourself off from the fullness of life ¬¬– which includes all of the positive emotions as well. Fortunately, you can begin to shift the way you respond to happiness even in this moment.

From now on, when happiness begins to blossom in your heart, try to accept it, relish in it, ask it to stay. It’s okay to feel happy even if you believe you don’t deserve it. Feeling good is an expression of your wholeness and your connection with life. The next time happiness appears for you, try not to feel guilty about it. Instead, welcome your happiness in like a long-awaited friend.

(source from via justbesplendid.tumblr)

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