Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nigella Bites

Do you know Nigella Lawson? She's an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster. But she cooks also, in fact she has been her own host for her own cookery series called Nigella Bites. Nigella learns how to cook by herself, she didn't go to any cooking school. I love watching her show. The reason is because she can always make simple recipes becoming good foods. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty for chopping, peeling and everything. She always cook with her heart in which she rarely use measurement for her recipe. She just use her feeling when she cooks. You want to know more about her, click here for Nigella Bites TV show or click here for ther official website.
These are Nigella's Philosophies about cooking and below are the pictures of some of her recipes.

On her role as a cook
"I am not a chef. I am not even a trained or professional cook. My qualification is as an eater."

On being a Domestic Goddess
"The trouble with much modern cooking is not that the food it produces is not good, but that the mood it induces in the cook is one of skin-of-the-teeth efficiency, all briskness and little pleasure. Sometimes that's the best we can manage, but to others we want to feel not like a postmodern, post feminist, overstretched modern woman but, rather, a domestic goddess, trailing nutmeggy fumes of baking pie in our languorous wake. So what I'm talking about is not being a domestic goddess, exactly, but feeling like one."

On cooking
"Cooking is not about just joining the dots, following one recipe slavishly and then moving on to the next. It's about developing an understanding of food, a sense of assurance in the kitchen, about the simple desire to make yourself something to eat. And in cooking, as in writing, you must please yourself to please others. Strangely it can take enormous confidence to trust your own palate, follow your own instincts. Without habit, which itself is just trial and error, this can be harder than following the most elaborate of recipes. But it's what works, what's important."

Following recipes
"I'm not interested in barking instructions: this isn?t meant to be a monologue. As I've said before, I want to be there in the kitchen with you; my words are merely my side of the conversation I imagine we might have."

Bringing your personality to cooking
"Cooking is not just about applying heat, procedure, method, but about transformation of a more intimate kind; none of us cooks without bringing our own character to bear on the food in front of us. Just as I've toyed with my recipes, fiddled with them to become my food, so I expect them to be remodelled in your own kitchen."
(source from, wikipedia, images from google image)

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