Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's type..

Look at these typewriters. Wow..very vintage. Have you ever used one? I have but it was a looong time ago. I remember that I used to play with my dad's typewriter on his work room. Put the paper in...and just type whatever I want to type. I also remember that I really hate it when the ink has been empty. It's not really an ink like we have on our printer now but it's something that looked like an ink paper roll, oh my..I don't even know what it's called=p But seriously, these typewriters are so unique, look at the last one. Was it made from wood? Click here to read about the classic typewriter.

(source from tumblemoose.com)


Anonymous said...

I remember hanging out at my mom's work (doctors office) after school and putting paper in the typewriter and typing whatever I wanted. I used to hate when the ink ribbon would run out too. Haha Wow that was soooo long ago.

boya arsila said...

wow..that's exactly what I also did back then..and yessss it was a long time ago=)