Friday, July 3, 2009

Hotel in Spain..

A few days ago I made a posting about food travel in Spain. I didn't realize that I actually love Spain, the cultures, the history sites, the food and also other interesting places there. Here's a unique hotel in Hotel Aire de Bardenas located near Bardenas Reales National Park. Bardenas Reales National Park is a semi-desert in Navarre, Spain whose vegetation and rocky formations created by erosion.

Beautiful hotel designed by Monica Rivera and Emiliano Lopez. All on one floor it has 20 rooms, 4 suites, pool, bar and restaurant. Set inside the Bardenas Reales National Park (a biosphere reserve) its surrounding landscape means that every viewpoint is amazing. Bardenas Reales is a 41,845 hectares National Park and declared as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the year 2000, and which includes three Nature Reserves. This will be a perfect hideaway for you if you're looking for some peaceful moment for you.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to sleep in that bed by the window! How nice!

boya arsila said...

..and see the view of the national park..really nice=)

Costao do Santinho brazil said...

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