Thursday, July 2, 2009


It has always been my dream to have a walk-in closet. I'm sure it can fit all of your clothes, shoes, bags and many more. Look at these amazing closets I've found. Not only it can make the clothes to be neat but the closet also offers its functional side. So nice, so neat, so big that you can actually sleep in there and have a nice dream too..floating around with your clothes...your shoes...your bags...and your imagination=)

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Anonymous said...

I have a walk in closet. Not really big but so far it fits everything.

boya arsila said...

Lucky you..I'm so jealous=p

Anonymous said...

I had a walk-in closet once when I had my condo North of Montreal. It was so neat..the upstairs bedroom had a "dressing room" and bathroom, and off that was a huge was made for a princess!

boya arsila said... seems that I'm the only one who don't have a walk-in closet..hmm..I will keep a promise to myself that one day I will have one..just like both of you=)

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