Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy ways to burn calories all day, every day

How great if the smallest thing you do can actually put great impact on you..burning out those calories out of your body=) It is said that those who move more often than those who are not tend to burn an extra 200 to 300 calories a day on top of any workouts. Isn't that great? According to the source, this process is neatly called NEAT (NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis) and it’s essential for successful weight loss. Aaaaah..not that's the important thing to be noted ha ha. So, what are those activities? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Do crunches in bed: You could burn about 20 calories in under 5 minutes just by drawing your knees to your chest 25 to 50 times, plus it strengthens your abs and gets your blood pumping.
  2. Dance around while getting dressed: Turn up the radio or listen to upbeat music on your iPod (if you can) while doing all your morning rituals—an hour of hip shakin’ can burn about 55 calories.
  3. Stand up! Don’t sit when you can be on your feet—you’ll burn about 40% more calories. So just take a stand—when you’re on the phone, watching kids at the playground, making small talk at a party.
  4. Laugh: Watch something that’s consistently funny (like 30 Rock) and you could burn about 40 calories if you guffaw for 10 to 15 minutes straight.
  5. Walk, pace, jog down the hall: In other words, MOVE! Doing little bits of activity all day—taking the stairs to use the restroom on another floor at work, doing an extra lap around the grocery store—can help you burn an additional 375 calories a day!

(source from shine.yahoo.com-images from dailywd.womansday.com, stresslessinlasvegas)


Meandering Mel said...

That's a lot of good suggestions. I'll have to give some of those a try!

boya arsila said...

I'm sure it will bring us good impact=)

Anonymous said...

Good to know Boya. I really need to start doing crunches in bed again. I used to hold my legs up every other page while reading in bed. I really need to start doing that again or just reading more actually. ugh I am so busy lately.

boya arsila said...

I started to do little exercise too..it's been a month ago since the last time I exercise..aah I'm trying harder not to be lazy..