Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neat bedroom

I found this unique design on designtoinspire. I really think that this design is very suitable for guys. Why? Because I know that guys like those simplicity in their rooms and there are some guys who are kind of messy. Those who just throw aways their stuff here and there. So, I believe that those who don't have time to tidy up their room can get this design for their room. It's as if the room is always neat and tidy=)
The room design was an apartment project realized in Warsaw, Poland. The company which designed it is called Centrala, designers are Kuba Szczesny & Gosia Kuciewicz. It's a 70 square meters apartment that has curtains made from the same material that airbags are made of. The curtains divide the apartment into bedroom, workroom etc.

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Anonymous said...

I like that round bed!!! For me though, I need my bedroom to be more cozy and girly!!!

boya arsila said...

That's what I think too..the room is too plain for women=)