Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Marrakech or Marrakesh is known as the "Red City". It is said to be an important and former imperial city in Morocco. I don't really know about the history and the culture of the city but I do notice that it has unique home. Inside and outside. The people there seem to have good home in a way that the interior is always open and it's not dull. I can see that the designs are lie the mixture of many different cultures. Sometimes the design of one room can look so clashed and mixed but if you look at the overall ambiance, it will be just perfect. Overall, with the coloured walls, the decorated terrace, the unique lightnings and the other mixture design...I give two thumbs up for Marrakesh home design. Brings fun in life with the colorful decor and uplift the mood with the nice terrace decor...

If you notice the pictures below, you will see that most the houses have terrace. Can you imagine how nice it would be having an afternoon tea on the terrace, just to let all the troubles of the day away and to always have a good start of the night...simple pleasure.

(images from style-files.com, apartmenttherapy.com, pointclickhome.com,vacationrentalpeople.com)


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see decor of Morrocan homes, or style I suppose, it's always so colourful! I love the lime green on the first photo!

boya arsila said...

Isn't it nice to try to put colours on you home decor? I love it too Rain..

Luizze Oliveira said...

I have read above article which gives very interesting information about red city Marrakech. This is 4th larger city of Morocco.

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