Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where is Happiness?

Most people can sometimes look in far places to search for happiness. While other people think that they can get happiness by being rich and famous. What I think is true is that happiness lies within our peace of mine. What good will it be if you can have anything that you want in this life but you can't find your own happiness? For sure I can say that money can't buy happiness. It can brings you happy by being able to provide you with the things you need and the thing that you want. But think about this, what if you have everything but you can't seem to have peace of mind? Will it do you good? I think that peace of mind is really important, I can feel it that when I have something bothering my mind, I can't sleep and the sleepless nights continue until I can find my own peace of mind...

Do you find yourself longing for peace of mind? Is your mind cluttered with worries and distractions such that you seldom if ever find any relief? Here's a simple idea that may help you.

  • Focus on what makes you happy in the moment and peace of mind will follow.
    Think about it. When you are happy, where is your predominant thought and attention? It's on your enjoyment of whatever is going on in this moment. Everything looks better, feels better, and tastes better. Why? Because you're not preoccupied with other things on your mind.
    So by beginning to shift your focus and attention on your priority of being happy, you begin to stop the otherwise relentless spiral of negative thinking in which it's so easy for you to get caught up.
  • You're not so fearful. Your fears of the future aren't so much in focus because you've learned to place your energy and attention on the "now". This helps to release the enormous emotional weight you are otherwise so often carrying and it offers a wonderful feeling of relief.
    Likewise, you don't spend all of your time worrying. Worry goes hand in hand with fear. First you spend all of your time thinking about things you are afraid will happen, and then you spend the balance of your time worrying that they will. When you instead shift your attention back to what is happening right now in the present and then focus on what's good and right in this moment, the worries start to disappear.

  • You don't stress. Because you have found a way to redirect your thoughts and focus away from your fears, you have reduced your degree of worrying and the net result is a reduction in your stress level. And make no mistake, the reduction in your level of stress has a miraculous effect upon your health and your mindset and promotes peace of mind.
    When you start to make your happiness a real priority in your life, today, you open yourself up to a far more healthy, rewarding and peaceful life experience. And as you start to get better at it -- remember this takes practice -- you will begin to experience a positive flow of opposite, supportive results that serve to further enhance your peace of mind. You now begin to benefit from a positive upward spiral of health and happiness instead.
  • You feel relaxed. With an absence of worries on your mind, your mind and body are able to relax and recharge. And by allowing you to recharge, you increase your energy that you can now bring to other things -- things that further please you.
  • You enjoy yourself more. Because you're relaxed and re-energized, you find yourself enjoying yourself more. You have essentially let down your guard and are now allowing yourself to receive the enjoyment and pleasure that is available to you. Each moment becomes richer and fuller and enhances your level of happiness even more.
  • You appreciate and live in the moment. Happiness and peace of mind are found in the moment. As you become more relaxed and your level of enjoyment rises, it makes it easier and easier for you to stay in the moment. You keep your focus and attention on the full experience of "now" which allows you to get the most out of it. And as you string these moments together, you get the most out of each hour and each day.

(source from from justbesplendid.tumblr)

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