Thursday, March 5, 2009

Battle of one dress

My decisions...Drum rolls please....

  1. Eva Longoria of course, with the hair and the shoes. Lindsay Lohan is again too skinny to be inside that sexy dress and the shoes doesn't match. What's with Lindsay Lohan's body? I don't get it..this time she's way too skinny and the next time she's like this woman with a very sexy and slim body. The power of Hollywood I guess. It can actually change people in a minute.
  2. A tie. I can't decide who wears it better. Both Fergie and Kim looks good wearing that dress. Fergie with the accesories and Kim with the nice jacket. I even think they wear the same size. Don't you think so?


Longoria Parker sizzled at a charity event earlier this month in Miami in her Matthew Williamson dress, while Lohan helped the British designer celebrate his new N.Y.C. store in the beaded coral frock.


The singer rang in the New Year in Las Vegas in her Ina Soltani minidress, while the reality star attended a Super Bowl party this weekend in her feathered black satin dress.
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