Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long bath in an amaZing bathTub

Are you a bathtub person? If you are, you will surely Looooove these bathtubs. These bathtubs are made by Käsch, a German manufacturer. Would you look at those beautiful bathtubs? When I think about bathtubs, I never imagine it to be in the same level of the floor. But when I see these bathtubs, I guess anything is possible. I believe that there are actually those people who really can think about something very innovative. There are people who were born for those things I guess=) The good thing about this bathtub is that the water will not flow outside the bathtub, so you won't have a messy-with-water kind of bath room. No slippery floor. No need to wipe anything after you're done with your bath. So you just go stratight to bed after having a long hot bath in this amazing bathtub.

(source: contemporist.com)

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