Monday, March 2, 2009

What your craving really means...

Are you craving for something lately and you feel like you must get it and eat it no matter what? Do you know that when you're craving for certain food, it actually is your body that tells you what it needs. Glamour UK Mag has written about it and here's what your craving really means:

If you're craving for: crisps and bread
Means that your body needs: protein
What to eat instead: meat, fish, chicken, eggs (have one in every meal and as 50%of your portion)

If you're craving for: burgers, chips and takeaways
Means that your body needs: salt
What to eat instead: sushi-full of sodium, rich seaweed, fish, sardines on toast

If you're craving for: chocolate
Means that your body needs: magnesium
What to eat instead: nuts, seeds, whole grains (found in wholemeal bread) --- avoid sugar!!!

If you're craving for: caffeine
Means that your body needs: iron
What to eat instead: crudités veg or dried fruits (apricot&figs), liquorice for a sweeter snack



Haha That was actually very helpful.

boya arsila said...

yup..especially for the chocolate craving=) although i still prefer to eat chocolate instead of the substitution haha