Friday, March 13, 2009

I Love You

The words "I love you" seems to be the most powerful words for me. You can say it to anyone and anything. No need special occasion, no need special reason, you don't anything to say it. But when you say it, you have to mean it. Saying it with all your heart and try to be sincere and honest. I believe that the person will cherish the moment. I've heard someone said that these three little words can be the most precious things to say. It's the same with the felling when you're in LOVE. The world as if all yours and you seem to fly among the stars.

  • When I say "I Love You" to someone, it means that I'll be able to devote my life to that person
  • When I say "I Love You" to my boyfriend, it means that his happiness is my happiness. I have to put my ego behind it.
  • When I say "I Love You", meaning that he's always in my thoughts, and always be important to me with every little detail of him.

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