Tuesday, March 31, 2009

home sweet home...

It doesn't matter if you have a big house or a small house. As long as you're happy to live there, you call it your home. Home sweet home. There's no better feeling like being at your own house and feel the peaceful feeling as soon as you walk into your house. But what I think matters the most is where you put your heart. As cliche as it can be, I believe that home is where our heart is. No matter where you're going, you always have some place that remind you of your home. And nothing can replace the feeling of being home.

Home is Where the Heart Is

We are a circle where we roam, near or far it is our home we are home. Any place we come to be just remember you're with me where ever we are we are home. There are times you look so lost, stand with me and be a part of the home in my heart
Our home is of the heart

Speaking about home, I think this house is marvelous. It's a Loft to be precised. Here's another home tour by Livingetc.comIt's said that this loft used to be a factory located in the Islands Brygge area of Copenhagen. But the owners have managed to turn this former factory into a very beautiful place. Home sweet home=) And just Le what people say that if you are at the place you love most, it becomes your true home.

(image source from etsy.com & justbesplendid.tumblr)


Anonymous said...

I miss my home. I love my apartment. My Dad wants us to move out here with him and have a house. he said we need to get out of the city but I love living in the city and I love all my friends I have there. I think I would go insane and become depressed if I moved here to the counrty.

boya arsila said...

The young souls usually love the city and the life on it while the olders tend to choose the more quite place like the country side, don't you think so? Well I guess we all hv our own choice on where we want to live..just like I saud..home is where the heart is..if your heart is in the city..you should live in the city my dear=) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna tell him that next time he bugs me about it. I'm gonna tell him "Home is where the heart is and my heart is in the City"


boya arsila said...

I'm sure he'll understand..as long as you're happy, he will surely be happy..good luck to u=)