Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee in the afternoon

When I'm writing this's almost 3 in the afternoon. Imagine this, you are somewhere with your loved one, doing nothing...just talking, joking and cuddling. I love afternoon especially when it's almost 5 in the afternoon. The time seems to stood still until finally the sun goes down and the moon is ready to shine the night cloud. I always said that afternoon gives the finest hours for the day. The part of the day which lies between noon and evening. Nothing beats the afternoon.And on these small hours, what more can you ask than having your loved one beside you and of course, a hot cup of coffee. No doubt it will be an afternoon delight. Look at the cups I posted below, for sure I would choose the one with the big heart on it=)

I took a survey just now on YumSugar. The question is "Do you take an afternoon coffee break?" My choice of answer was Sometimes, if I'm having a slow-moving day. Surprisingly, my answer was the majority answer. Here's the result of the survey.

Yep! I need my afternoon caffeine like clockwork. 14%
Sometimes, if I'm having a slow-moving day. 40%
No — I'm strictly a morning coffee person.14%
Coffee break? You mean, the break I take from my constant caffeine consumption?10%
I don't drink coffee. 21%
Other — I'll tell you in the comments.2%

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