Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DIY Tea-Pot Lamp

A very useful idea from countryliving for those of you who have tons of unused tea cup - saucer bowl. I know why you didn't have the courage to throw them away, because the patterns of the ceramics are so pretty, aren't they? =) However, this web teaches us how to make use of the unwanted things we still keep around our house. Just follow few steps and Voilà...A new Tea-Pot Lamp. It'll be so good (because you make it your own!) that you want people to see it=) Good luck...

Step 1: Organize

To create a balanced arrangement, Paul chose components that would form a pyramid — with large, heavy items on the bottom (like an overturned mixing bowl) and lighter teacups up top.

Step 2: Attach Hardware

Paul filled the top cup, a demitasse (hidden under the shade, right), with Amaco self-hardening clay. While the clay was still wet, he pressed in a socket-and-cord unit from Ikea and a harp from Lowe's, an inch deep. He then let the clay harden for 24 hours.

Step 3: Assemble

Paul glued the remaining elements together with a thin line of Super Glue gel, letting each piece dry for a minute before adhering the next. He waited a day for the lamp to set, then screwed a standard shade to the harp's finial.

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