Friday, March 20, 2009

Spread the words..

Are you the kind of person who likes to express your feelings to your loved ones? Here's a list of How to say I LOVE U in ten different languages. As you know I love posting about love, love and love when it's Friday. And you might notice that I love the ambiance of Friday. Brings love and relax around Me. But most of all, I got the chance to spend the weekend with My boyfriend. My Looooooving Boyfriend. Hello Friday...Welcome Weekend...You can use one of these languages when saying I love U later. Whatever it is the language that you choose. Try to say it from your heart. Always. Make it the most meaningful phrase =)

How to Say (and Pronounce) I Love You in 10 Different Languages

  1. French: Je t’aime. Pronounced: Zhuh tem.
  2. Spanish: Te amo. Pronounced: Tay ahm-oh.
  3. Italian : Ti amo. Pronounced: Tee-ah-mo.
  4. German : Ich liebe Dich. Pronounced: Ish leeba dish or Ick leeba dick.
  5. Swedish: Jag älskar dig. Pronounced: Ya ellscar dey.
  6. Russian : Ya lyublyu tebya. Pronounced: Ya loobloo tebya.
  7. Chinese (Mandarin) - Wo ài ni. Pronunciation: Wuh eye nee.
  8. Irish Gaelic: Tá grá agam ort. Pronounced: Taw graw o-gum urt.
  9. Greek: S' ayapo. Pronounced: sag-app-oh.
  10. Elvish: Melin le. Pronounced: MEL-in leh.
(source: eHow - images from justbesplendid)