Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C'est La Vie..That's Life

"C'est La Vie" - a famous French phrase which means "That's Life". My life, your life, our life. The life we're living. Just like the quote of Henry Van Dyke below that we all must be glad with life. I know life can be sucks sometimes but we can stop it..the clock keeps on goes on. So are we. Someone said that everyday life is a path. A path that makes our journey into life worthwhile. You might often think whether you have a happy life. Well, the choice is up to you. I once read about happiness (the one I posted below).
"Happiness is not a thing but rather a filter which you decide to apply or not to apply to your perception of life. People with much less than you manage to be happy. People with much more manage to be unhappy. If you think that you fit somewhere logical on that continuum, you are gravely mistaken. Happiness has nothing to do with logic, only with willpower and one's sense of self." (source from everything2)

I believe all of us in life meet various types of people with different personalities. What do you think about that? I love meeting new people. Although I admit that not all of them are my friends. Some of them turn out to be my enemies, some of them turn out to be my friends. And by friends here I mean that those who are there for me through anything=) But the good thing on meeting many people with different personalities is that it kind of giving our life varieties. Giving spices on our life. As we all know that variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour. Here's a few sentences that I found interesting to read about variety of life.

It's an interesting observation, and one that rings true, at least in part. In a society dominated by fascination with extremity and boredom with subtlety, it's understandable why millions of people watch NASCAR and the WWF. When the brain becomes dulled to the newest shock, it seeks out new diversions to satiate the need for newness, as evidenced by the advent of dildo-cam in porn, television shows such as Big Brother and Survivor, and the increasing popularity of anal sex and autoerotic asphixiation. However, human beings are also very comfortable with repetition and routine, and significant changes in daily activities, location, or surrounding objects and people often carry with them dramatic increases in stress and mental strain. The trick is to find variety within the routine; therein lies the spice of life.(source from everything2)

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy. ~Cynthia Nelms

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