Thursday, March 12, 2009


Choices, choices, choices. Everyday we're facing many choices in life. In fact, life itself is a choice. You choose this instead of that, choose good instead of bad and the list still go on. Do you seek others' opinion or input when you're confused or do you figure the way out yourself? I'm one of those people who often don't need other people's opinion when I'm confuse. Most of the time I just be there in silence, thinking about those confusing moments and try to figure out myself. The choice is mine whether to choice this or that because I'm the one who's driving on my journey called life. But that does not mean that I have a close mind when it comes to letting other people's input coming in into my life. I listen to those inputs, if it's good, I try to list it down on my "common sense" list. And if it's not good I just throw it away from my mind and never think about it again. It's good if you are an open minded person. But remember to also be the one who's confident on making your own decision. Sometimes other people can give us inputs that can actually be another inspiration that we couldn't think of. Back to the confuse topic, it's normal if you often feel confused about life and other things. The point is to be able to make decision so that you'll be able to get back in the track of your path of life. I also post this article about spiritual guide on road maps of life. Who knows it can be useful for you to draw maps of your life=)

Information And Inspiration - Roadmaps Of Life

All the major spiritual traditions serve the purpose of offering us a roadmap to guide us on our individual journeys to enlightenment. These roadmaps are made up of moral codes, parables, and, in some cases, detailed descriptions of mystical states. We often study the fine points of a particular ascended master’s narrative in order to better understand our own and to seek inspiration and guidance on our path. In the same way, when we plan a road trip, we carry maps and guidebooks in an effort to understand where we are going. In both cases, though, the journey has a life of its own and maps, while helpful, can only take us so far. There is just no comparison between looking at a line on a piece of paper and driving your own car down the road that line represents.

Some people seem well-suited to following maps, while others are always looking for new ways to get where they’re going. In the end, the only reliable compass is within, as every great spiritual guide will tell you. The maps and travelogues left behind by others are great blessings, full of useful information and inspiration, but they cannot take the journey for us. When it is time to merge onto the highway or pull up anchor, we are ostensibly on our own. Strange weather patterns, closed roads, and traffic jams arise in the moment, out of nowhere, and our maps cannot tell us what to do. Whether we take refuge in a motel by the side of the road, persevere and continue forward, or turn back altogether is entirely up to us.

Maps are based on observations from the past and we are living in the present, so we are the only true experts on our journey to enlightenment. We may find that the road traveled by our predecessors is now closed. We may feel called to change direction entirely so that the maps we have been carrying really no longer apply. These are the moments when we learn to attune ourselves to our inner compass, following a map that only we can see, as we make our way into the unknown territory of our own enlightenment. (source from dailyom)

There are choices all around us, Some are easy; some are not. But life demands decisions –Choosing who, how, where and what!And though we may demur and hope. To wait another day,Those things that need deciding. Aren’t about to go away!So now’s the time to tackle it -Sit down and think things through.

With wisdom and good common sense,You’ll know what’s best for you! (written by Debbie Porter from here)

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However confused the scene of our life appears, however torn we may be who now do face that scene, it can be faced, and we can go on to be whole - Muriel Rukeyser -

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