Monday, March 16, 2009

Keeping You

Have you ever have a feeling that you're so lucky to find the Love of your life and really want to always keep him around? That's what I'm feeling right know. I feel so lucky and blessed to have a boyfriend whom I love and love me too=) But this is not the main idea. The idea can applies to anyone. Not only applies for your lover but also for your parents, sisters, brothers, families even pets too. Love is a universal condition that can be applied to many kinds of people and many kinds of other things. Whatever it is that you love, you'll always fight to keep the loved ones beside you and within you. And you have to be able to make them want to keep you around. So you'll be able to share the love.

I Will Always Keep You

I just can't imagine my life any longer, for you are not there, which makes me wonder: Will I ever laugh again? Will I ever smile? You had brought these joys to me, every once in a while. You left me blessings, from your heart, you left me footprints, that never end; Just start. You've left me happiness deep inside me. You have taught me how to smile, and in my heart my treasure is you, that I will keep, and never lose.

(poem form whyville - images via justbesplendid &

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